As one of the very first training activities hosted in 2018 for VCIC supported enterprises, the training course named “Overview of environment management for POC projects” and “Skills and some technologies for POC projects against climate change” was jointly hosted by Project Management Unit for Technical Support of “Vietnam Climate Innovation Center – VCIC” and the Training Center of Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park Management Board - VITEC on 18 January, 2018

Guided MSc. Le Hong Chien – Vice Head of Institute of Natural Resources, Environment, and Chemical Safety, the training course aims at enhancing POC projects’ capacity of managing environment impacts as well as improving their skills and technologies related to climate change.  The course was attended by representatives from VCIC supported enterprises through POC1 and POC2 contests and incubation specialists of VITEC

*Overview of the course. Photo: VCIC

In the first section, regarding the questions including “What should enterprises do for environment management and protection in the period of investment preparation?” and “In which case and how do they do to build environmental impact assessment and environment protection plan?”, Mr. Chien analyzed and guided participants the ways to apply legal documents about environment in establishing their system for environment management and protection.

*MSc. Le Hong Chien on his lecture. Photo: VCIC

In the next section, the participants discuss the topic of environment management in project operation period, focusing on waste management, environmental monitoring report, and certifying the environmental management system.

*Participants discussing during the training course. Photo:VCIC

Mr. Le Tuan Dat, representative of Hachi Hi-tech JSC which is implementing the project of applying IoT and hydroponic technologies in growing VietGap-standard clean vegetables shared that “Our enterprise has not paid much attention on understanding regulations related to assessing environmental impacts in project operation as the enterprise has just been established with quite small projects of technology transferring. However, when Hachi expands the future projects’ scale, we should seriously dig deep in legal issues to reduce possible risks as well as give our customers advice on this matter.”

*Mr. Le Tuan Dat of Hachi Hi-tech JSC discussing with other participants. Photo: VCIC

During the last section about skills and technologies needed for POC starts-up against climate change, the participants exchanged ideas and opinions about implementing climate projects. Mr. Nguyen The Nghia – Gio Xanh project’s owner cum Professor of University of Natural Sciences – VNU shared “Green technology is one of future trends in Vietnam, with wind power promising to meet 70% of energy demand of Vietnam, contributing to the national goals of reducing emission from 10% to 20% by 2020 and from 20% to 30% by 2030.”

At the end of the course, Ms. Chu Anh Dao – VITEC representative awarded the certificate of completion of the course for the participants.

*The participants received certificate of course completion. Photo: VCIC

Mr. Tran Xuan Tung – Toan Dien Company said “The course is very helpful for stars-up in clean tech sector, helping them to more understand about supporting policies of the government as well as encouraging us to study more about legal documents related to environment matter to avoid risks.” He also hoped to join more training course to enrich his knowledge and share experiences with other enterprises in the sector to reduce negative impacts on the environment.